Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Natural Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs ; a very common and uncomfortable disease for your pet.

Urinary tract infections otherwise known as UTI's in dogs and cats are a very common and treatable disease in your pet. UTI's in dogs and cats are caused by bacteria that make there was into your pets urinary tract and cause infection. These infections can become serious if not treated properly and in a timely manner. There are several approaches that can be taken for both treatment and maintenance of your pets urinary tract health. The more conservative approach is the use of antibiotics which are prescribed by a veterinarian. This is effective but also carries the risk of reaction to certain medications and also the possibility of future resistance of bacteria to antibiotics in the future.

There are also natural treatments for your dogs UTI and other homeopathic approaches. The combination of fluids (making sure that you pet remains hydrated), good nutrition and homeopathic treatment is very effective in your pets general health. Look for the signs and symptoms of UTI in your dog or cat (frequent urination, fatigue, lethargy, crying, panting are the most common presentations) and treat as necessary. Your pet will be both grateful and feel much better. Consider PetAlive UTI Free for treatment of Urinary tract infections in your cat or dog. This is a formula that is made of herbs and homepathic remedy that will help your pet without the side effects of antibiotics. This natural treatment for UTI in you cat or dog is without side effects and does not further compromise the immune system.

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