Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Natural Treatment of Kennel Cough- Holistic Treatment of Kennel Cough

Kennel cough, also known as infectious trachea bronchitis is highly contagious in dogs. There are many different organisms which cause kennel cough both viral and bacterial. The most common being para influenza which is viral and bordatella which is bacterial. Most cases of kennel cough are from more than one organism simultaneously.

Symptoms of kennel cough occur 3 to 7 days after exposure and will usually last approximately 10 days. Your dog remains contagious for 6 to 14 weeks after symptoms present themselves. The symptoms can present as a dry hacking cough which can be associated with retching. A clear nasal discharge can also be seen. Symptoms may vary from alert and active to lethargy, fever, decrease appetite, pneumonia and in severe cases even death.

Treatment options range from observation to antibiotics, steroids and bronchodilators and now natural treatment of kennel cough is an option. The treatment modality is determined by the severity of symptoms. Traditional treatment, although an option is effective at times in severe cases but is not always recommended. This can have a taxing affect on your dogs’ immune system. Most mild cases are treated with observation and waiting for this self-limiting process to resolve. There is a preventative vaccine for kennel cough but this remains controversial at best. Despite the vaccine, your dog can continue to shed the virus when exposed. It also takes up to four days after vaccination for dogs to develop protections. The intra nasal vaccine is not recommended within seventy two hours of coming into contact with other susceptible dogs.

Natural treatment of kennel cough is now a vital option for your dog. PetAliv KC-Defense is very effective in helping your dog keep a strong immune system and help with the prevention and treatment of kennel cough in your dog. This is both a homeopathic and herbal treatment of kennel cough in your dog. There are no side effects and this is a completely natural and holistic treatment of kennel cough in your dog. PetAlive KC-Defense is a wonderful alternative or addition to the treatment and or prevention of kennel cough in your dog.

The best prevention is to avoid exposure of your dog to other dogs in small, confined, poorly ventilated spaces. In kennels where trachea bronchitis is a problem, strict hygiene with thorough cleaning and disinfection of cages and food and water containers is important. Kennels that are indoors should have good ventilation. Hand washing and gloves are also good preventative measures. Kennel cough can also be contracted from your neighborhood dog or any other dog with which your dog comes into contact. Remember that a natural treatment for kennel cough is now available without the side effects from the more traditional treatment. PetAlive KC-Defense provides a good addition and or alternative to the treatment of this disease process. If there is any concern, please have your dog evaluated by a veterinarian to be certain of the diagnosis and treatment options.

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