Monday, August 4, 2008

Natural Treatment of Fur Balls and Hair Balls in Your Cat-Cat Hair Balls

Fur balls of hair balls are a normal process in the daily life of any cat. Since cats are constantly grooming themselves with their tongues, they constantly swallow large amounts of fur that adhere to the small barbs on their tongues. This is a normal occurrence in the life and maintenance of your cats coat. Unfortunately, the large amounts of fur can at time cause vomiting, constipation and possible intestinal blockage when the fur balls do not pass through the intestines and out the into the cats litter box. This can be disturbing to both the pet and his or her owner. On rare occasions these large fur balls can cause complete blockage of the intestines which requires surgical intervention.

Some of the actions which can be taken to prevent fur balls and hair balls in your cat consist of daily brushing of your cats coat, a healthy well balanced diet and plenty of water. The daily brushing will help decrease the amount of fur digested by your cat, therefore decreasing the possibility of constipation, vomiting and blockage. These measures will keep you cats coat healthier and less likely to lead to fur ball problems.

Despite the above precautions, fur balls and hair balls continue to be a major health problem to most cats. There are some natural and homeopathic treatments for cat fur balls. These treatments combine both herbal and homeopathic remedies which in conjunction to preventive measures have been shown to be very effective. This can relieve your cats symptoms, and help with the mess of hair balls and fur balls, which can be found around the house and be disturbing to both your pet and the owner. Consider PetAlive Fur Ball Dr. as a natural treatment for your pets signs and symptoms. This is a natural approach which has been quite successful. If the natural treatment of fur balls and hair balls in your cat can prevent the consequences of this process, this should be strongly regarded for your pet. PetAlive Fur Ball Dr. may be the appropriate treatment for your cat.

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